Sub-Agent Agreement


  • In Consideration of the representations and promises described herein, O’Shaughnahill Surety & Insurance, Inc. (the “ Company”) hereby appoints the Sub-Agent identified above as its agent for the limited purpose of executing bail bonds, within the state of Florida, on behalf of the Company under the supervision and control of the Agents named above. The Sub-Agent and Agent make the following promises and representations:

    Agent and Sub-Agent represent and warrant to the Company that Sub-Agent is properly licensed to sell bail bonds within the state of Florida, and that no part of Sub-Agent’s duties on behalf of Agent and/or the Company will violate any law, ordinance of regulation applicable to Agent’s bail bond business.

    Nothing in this Sub-Agent agreement changes any of the terms of Agent’s Bail Bond Agreement with the Company

    In the course of his/her duties in connection with this agreement, Sub-Agent shall at all-times act under the control and supervision of the Agent only, and not that of the Company.

    Every act or omission by the Sub-agent in connection with this agreement shall be attributed to and considered to be the act of the Agent for purposes of Agent’s Bail Bond Agreement, provided however that Sub-Agent may not make any amendment of Agent’s Bail Bond Agreement, nor in any other manner waive or alter Agent’s contractual rights there under.

    Sub-Agent shall look exclusively to Agent for any consideration for his services under the authority of this agreement. The Company shall neither owe nor pay any compensation of any kind or provide any benefit or forbearance of any kind to Sub-Agent beyond this agreement, irrespective of the benefits the Company may derive from any services Sub-Agent may hereafter provide. Sub- Agent shall be compensated exclusively by Agent for his services. The Company’s duties in respect to dealings involving the Company, the Agent and the Sub-Agent are owed to the Agent alone and not to the Sub-Agent.

    The Company has and shall at all times retain the right to terminate the sub-agent’s agreement with or without cause, subject only to notification to Sub-Agent or Agent. Notification of the revocation of Sub-Agent’s appointment shall be deemed effective if given by an officer or duly authorized agent of the Company, in writing to either the Sub-agent or the Agent at their respective Notification addresses. For purposes of this agreement, the Notification Address of the Agent or Sub-Agent shall be the address indicated on this document. If a party’s address changes, and such party gives written notifications of such change to the other parties thereto, such new address shall become that party’s Notification Address. The Company shall promptly terminate the agreement and appointment of the Sub-Agent upon the request of the Agent.

    No Amendment may be made to this Sub-Agent’s agreement unless all parties’ hereto consent to such amendment in writing and such writing is duly executed on behalf of all parties.